Norine Kevolic

norine kevolic
Sundown Over Stockton, Norine Kevolic
Oil on Linen Panel (6x8) $425
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Norine Kevolic was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1952 and raised in Bucks County. Her artist father imparted a great appreciation of and openness to artistic expression in all its aspects.

Norine has been creating in her three favorite mediums: painting, silverpoint drawing, and woodworking for most of her life. Within each, she has discovered a unique personal expression.

“I think of my work as a collaboration with Nature. I’m drawn to fields and meadows, water and fog, exquisite natural objects like shells and seedpods, and the realm of mystery - which naturally elicits a spiritual interpretation. It is fulfilling as an artist to look with both my outward and inward vision in responding to the world around me.”

In the more than 25 years that Norine has exhibited throughout the PA-NJ region, she has received much critical acclaim and multiple awards for her paintings, silverpoint drawings, and works in wood.

Selected exhibitions include: Phillips’ Mill; New Hope Arts; Byers Bucks Fever Art Exhibition “25 Mediums / 25 Artists”; Artists’ Gallery “Meditations on Nature”; Trenton City Museum; Philadelphia Sketch Club; Prallsville Mills; Bucks Gallery of Fine Art “It’s All About Art”; American Bamboo Society, and Crafthaus online, and many other venues.

Norine has resided in New Hope, Pennsylvania for over 25 years.