Norine Kevolic

norine kevolic
Nightfall in Peace Valley, Norine Kevolic
Oil on Board (8x10) $575
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I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1952 and raised in Bucks County with my four sisters. One of my earliest memories was watching my artist father hold up a shimmering leaf of gold as he prepared to detail the halos of the Byzantine icons he had painted; each year, during Easter, his hand-painted eggs were gifts for my grandparents. The gilded, colorful, mystical, and highly stylized art of the Byzantine era made a lasting impression on me. Growing up with that tradition, and with frequent visits to the area’s great museums, I became fascinated by the infinite ways the human figure was expressed in paint, woodcarvings, and mosaics – and became deeply aware of an inner desire to create. I think it was then that I took my first breath of life as an artist.

Over the past decade, I’ve been immersed in a theme involving the profound beauty in natural and ordinary objects: beach stones, bamboo, seedpods, shells, bones…a glass sphere. This evolving body of work is my Meditations series, through which I’ve explored abstract ideas like peace, harmony, patience – and discovered a very personal iconography. The clear sphere represents an observer, of interior or exterior worlds.

Many years in the sign trade, and later as a cabinetmaker’s assistant provided a thriving creative environment where I developed carving, lettering, gilding, frame-making, decorative painting, and woodworking skills. I used a wide range of painting techniques on furniture and architectural models, and on the many frames that I designed and built. I enjoyed using these techniques and materials so much at work that I’ve naturally incorporated them into my artistic expression, which moves between the mediums of paint, silverpoint, and wood. I frequently explore a theme in more than one of these mediums.

Silverpoint: I’ve been drawing in silverpoint since 1985, at first copying portraits from Da Vinci, Van Eyck, Vermeer, Durer, and other Renaissance era artists. I’ve continued that practice, while also drawing from my large collection of animal skulls and shells. In this medium, the artist draws with a wire of silver that is inserted in a holder. The drawing surface is prepared with a formula that slightly abrades the metal as it is drawn across, resulting in fine silver lines. Over time, these lines will tarnish (oxidize) to their characteristic sepia tone. I typically prepare my silverpoint panels in pale gray-blue and green, ochre, coral pink, lavender, adding highlights of white ink or pastel to the finished drawing.

Wood Mosaic: The wood mosaics that I began creating in the 1990s offer endless creative potential through choices of wood, texture, shape, color, metal leaf and other materials. A completed mosaic consists of hundreds of intricate sinuous, inter-locking, ever-evolving shapes that are inspired by nature’s exquisite designs. The possibilities are simply endless!

From dreamers to day-dreamers or scenes from the natural world, I’m more excited by an expressive interpretation of what catches my attention, than a slavish duplication.